We have completed projects across North and South America in all areas of water engineering. We have served expert witnesses for court cases involving flooding, pollution, leaks, and water rights. Some of our sample projects are summarized below

Cabo Rojo Water Filtration Plant

cabo rojo water filtration plant

We designed the non-mechanical water filtration plant in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority. Since its construction, we have continued to provide services for the plant, including Operation and Maintenance Services as well as designing the Raw Water Storage Tank for the plant.

Fort Allen Wastewater Treatment Plant


We designed the wastewater treatment plant for Fort Allen, a Puerto Rico Army National Guard post. Our work included civil, mechanical, and electrical design. In addition, we have designed wastewater plants for other Army National Guard posts, residential communities, and industrial facilities.

Runoff Management Analysis for the Yabucoa Agricultural Reserve


We performed a hydrologic and hydraulic study for a 450-acre agricultural land immersed in the Rio Guayanés flood way. The project consisted of designing the most expeditious way to drain the agricultural lands after a flood event in order to salvage the crops.

Río Turabo Channelization


We designed the channelization of the Turabo River to preserve conveyance, water surface elevations, and aquatic life passage in a contract with Raytheon. Our work included HEC-RAS modeling, a scour analysis, channel diversion design, and erosion control design.

Sediment Transport Study of the Valenciano Reservoir


We performed a hydrodynamic study of the Valenciano Reservoir in San Juan, Puerto Rico to determine the erosive effects within the reservoir bed caused from flow rate increases. This study included a hydraulic analysis of the upstream tributaries to the reservoir, as well as a hydrodynamic analysis of the reservoir itself.

Design of the Maricao Fish Hatchery

maricao fish hatchery

We designed the upgrades to the Maricao Fish Hatchery, in a project funded by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. We also provided Construction Inspection Services. Since its implementation, we have provided assessment and rehabilitation services.

Other Projects


  • Water System Hydraulic Analysis for Grove Landing Subdivision (Houston County, GA)
  • Water System Leak Analysis for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (Cidra, PR)
  • Design Services for the Jimenez WFP Elimination Project (Rio Grande, PR)
  • Design of the Pasto Viejo Water Supply and Well Pumping System (Cayey, PR)
  • Water Supply System Design for Santa Ana del Yacuma (Bolivia)


  • WWTP Assessment for Magen's Junction Apartments (St. Thomas, VI)
  • Construction Services for the Lajas Creek Crossing Sanitary Sewer (Lajas, PR)
  • Design of the Sewage Pump Station and Force Main for Riverside Town Center (Toa Baja, PR)
  • Improvements to the Sewage Pumping System for Barahona (Morovis, PR)
  • Design of the Upgrades for two Wastewater Pump Stations (Morovis, PR)


  • Hydrologic Analysis for SR 686 Pond 9 (Pinellas County, FL)
  • Sedgefield Subdivision Detention Pond Assessment (Paulding County, GA)
  • Review of the Stormwater Design Guidelines for Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Planning Board)
  • SWPPP for Guaynabo Chalets (Guaynabo, PR)
  • Design of the Emergency Overflow Structure for Los Montes Residential Development (Dorado, PR)


  • Rio Descalabrado Bridge Scour Analysis (Coamo, PR)
  • Gotay Bridge HH Study (Jayuya, PR)
  • Bridge 150 PR-10 Scour Analysis (Utuado, PR)
  • LOMR-F for Las Primaveras development (Carolina, PR)
  • Rio Maniqui HH Study (Bolivia)


  • Sediment Transport Study for Rio Cayaguas (San Lorenzo, PR)
  • Design of the Hacienda de Lealtad Dam (Lares, PR)
  • Material Extraction Activity Study at Rio Cayaguas (San Lorenzo, PR)
  • Sediment Transport Study for Rio Grande de Manati (Manati, PR)
  • Groundwater Impact Assessment for Reina del Sur (Fajardo, PR)


  • Water Quality Analysis for the Colewood Creek Watershed (Sandy Springs, GA)
  • Pool Stain Analysis for Parque De Las Fuentes Condominium (San Juan, PR)
  • Environmental Assessment for the Cayey Entrance and Information Center (Cayey, PR)
  • Wetland Jurisdictional Determination for Plaza del Lago Development (Cidra, PR)
  • Stream Restoration for Estancias del Bosque development (San Juan, PR)


We pride ourselves in being able to solve any water problem that comes our way. Occasionally, we've gone beyond our general scope of work to provide services to our clients, including:

  • Site Design for Travel Plaza (Arecibo, PR)
  • Sprinkler Design for Bellas Artes de San Sebastian (San Sebastian, PR)
  • Water Pressure Measurement for Balcones de Guaynabo (Guaynabo, PR)
  • Pool Water Use and Loss Assessment for Maranelo (Humacao, PR)
  • Streamflow Measurement for Caminos Verdes (San Juan, PR)
  • Recreation Pond Design for Shacks Resort (Rio Grande, PR)
  • Cistern Inspection and Testing for the Veterans Affairs OPA Building (San Juan, PR)


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