We have performed projects in the in the United States & territories (Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands), and in South America (Bolivia). We have also provided expert witness for court cases involving flood damages. In total, we have completed over 750 projects. Representative sample projects are summarized below.

cabo rojo water filtration plant


Cabo Rojo Water Filtration Plant

CA Engineering designed the non-mechanical water filtration plant in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority. Since its construction, we have continued to provide services for the plant, including designing the Raw Water Storage Tank for the plant in 2001.


Design of Multiple Wastewater Systems in Puerto Rico

Throughout our first 16 years in business, we have designed various sanitary systems for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, including the Eulogio Reyes sanitary system, La Gonzalez Community sewer system, the Humacao Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Puerto Nuevo Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Pumping Station. We have also designed upgrades to the San Sebastian Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Caguas Water Treatment Plant Intake. In addition, we have designed wastewater treatment plants for two Puerto Rico Army National Guard posts: Fort Allen and Camp Santiago. In the private sector, we have designed wastewater pump stations for multiple clients, including Johnson & Johnson.



Runoff Management Analysis for the Yabucoa Agricultural Reserve

CA Engineering performed a hydrologic and hydraulic study for a 450-acre agricultural land immersed in the Rio Guayanés flood way. The project, part of the Regional Conservation Partnership Program funded by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), consisted on designing the most expeditious way to drain the agricultural lands after a flood event in order to salvage the crops. Grass waterways and a parallel network of open channels were modeled and designed.


Río Turabo Channelization

CA Engineering designed the channelization of the Turabo River to preserve conveyance, water surface elevations, and aquatic life passage in a contract with Raytheon.



Sediment Transport Study of the Valenciano Reservoir

CA Engineering performed a hydrodynamic study of the Valenciano Reservoir in San Juan, Puerto Rico to determine the erosive effects within the reservoir bed caused from flow rate increases. This study included a hydraulic analysis of the upstream tributaries to the reservoir, as well as a hydrodynamic analysis of the reservoir itself. For this effort, we teamed up with Dr. Marcelo Garcia (University of Illinois), one of the leading sediment transport experts in the nation. This project was a sub-consulting work for CSA Group.


Redesign of the Maricao Fish Hatchery

CA Engineering designed the upgrades to the Maricao Fish Hatchery, in a project funded by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources.

maricao fish hatchery


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